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Height: 5'8" Weight: 135lb Bust: 32 D (34 C) Waist: 26" Hips: 38" Dress: 4 Shoe: 9/10

Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, Zuri is now an aspiring model in Denver, CO!

Even though Charleston WV will always be home, she had to break free from her small town, and try her talents elsewhere. There wasn't a lot of opportunity for expression in Charleston, but when it was available she took right to it. She sang in the Appalachian Children's Choir, danced with Mary's school of Dance, and played violin with the West Virginia Youth Symphony Orchestra for years. She clearly had a gift for the arts, but it was not until she moved to Denver that modelling caught her eye. Alike most art forms, modelling comes quite naturally to Zuri. It's a way to say everything she needs to say without saying anything at all. Not everyone has the privilege of using their voice, and being given the chance to be heard is something that is very important to her. Modelling, is an outlet for much more than to simply entertain. It speaks to and for those who can't. Art is life, and Zuri works hard to bring art alive. Switch to the other pages to see how! 


"Simplicity is the ultimate form of communication"

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